New Connectors LIFX and Virus Total Make Power Automate More Valuable

New Connectors LIFX and Virus Total Make Power Automate More Valuable

Want to feel like a superhero using these new Power Automate connectors?

With a total of 355 available Power Automate connectors, these two new ones, when used together, will let you work in the ambient light you choose while fending off pesky viruses.

Seriously, there’s a lot going for these two.

Smart lights connector for LIFX

Use the LIFX connector to color your world with light. Scientific studies about how people act and react to various colors may make you see this connector in a new light. (Pardon the pun.) You can use this Power Automate connection to control your LIFX smart lighting system.

Virus Scanning connector for Virus Total
Virus Total

Think of Virus Total connector as a resource to help you analyze suspicious files and URLs. Its actions also allow you to retrieve info about an IP address, or to upload a file for analysis. Virus Total detects malicious code and malware with the use of antivirus engines and web scanners, and automatically shares it with the Virus Total security community.

Virus Scanning connector for Virus Total
Outlook Customer Manager Connector Deprecated

As a final note, it bears mentioning today that Microsoft’s Outlook Customer Manager connector is now fully deprecated in anticipation of the June 30 shut down of its app by the same name. As an alternative, Microsoft has pointed its users of the expiring app toward Nimble CRM for tracking customers and deals.

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*Update: A previous version of this post named another new connector in error.

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