Timeghost Power Automate Connector for Timekeeping

Timeghost Power Automate Connector for Timekeeping

The 360th Power Automate connector to enter the ether is the new Timeghost.

Great Vibe

Right off the bat, I found the name intriguing and loved the ghost logo for this new timekeeping connector. So, I was hoping its functionality would match my initial excitement because looks (even if they are other-worldly) aren’t everything!

So, let’s look under the sheet!

Easy Integration

The Timeghost integration allows you to login using your Office 365 credentials to generate time reports, invoices and other documents that you’ll want for a clear picture of how and where you and your team are spending time. The ability to drag and drop scheduled events directly from a list sourced from your Outlook Calendar onto the workspace makes it less likely you’ll forget to track important billable events.

Time Tracking the Details

Connector actions let you add a client or project to a workspace and then add a task, tag or time. Plus, it allows you the ability to update any of them. When you need an Excel report detailing who did what and how much time was dedicated to a project, the connector lets you get clients, projects, times, tasks, tags, or the current user so you’ll be able to invoice customers or pay your staff leaving the heavy lifting to the connector.

Why Ghosts?

Reminding you of things you have forgotten to track or prodding you to work on a procrastinated task, Timeghost creators put it this way, “ghosts are experts in bringing back things of the past,” beside you when you need them and gone once you are done. For Office 365 users, this Power Automate connector has the potential to make your timekeeping tasks seem like a friendly ghost is watching out for you.

When you need help with a connector or you need a custom connector tailored for your needs, feel free to reach out to Reenhanced! We know lots about Power Automate connectors. Fill out our Contact Form with details about what you’re working on and we’ll be in touch!

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