Xpertdoc is now available in Power Automate

Xpertdoc is now available in Power Automate

Starting today, if you are using Xpertdoc and Common Data Service (CDS) you now have the ability to execute Smart Flows from within Power Automate.

Xpertdoc's flow builder
The Xpertdoc flow builder. If you squint you can almost see Power Automate.
What is Xpertdoc?

Xpertdoc provides a service similar to Power Automate but with a specific focus on Document Automation. It offers some of the same functionality and even uses the word “Flow” to describe it’s automation feature. What makes it different is the concept of templates and the Template Designer which allows you to put flow data directly into document contents.

Xpertdoc's template designer interface
Xpertdoc Template interface lets you put CDS data inside documents.
What capabilities does the new connector have?

At first launch, the Xpertdoc connector only provides the ability to get documents from a smart flow, download documents from an execution of a smart flow, and to execute smart flows.

Given the capabilities of Xpertdoc, we don’t expect a lot more here as you can do much of your work within the Xpertdoc flow UI.

Are you working with the Xpertdoc connector? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Are you working with the Xpertdoc connector or are you exploring how to use it within Power Automate? I would love to hear about your experience. Send me an email with your questions or feedback. I’d love to hear from you and I promise I am a real, living (and friendly) person.

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