DNS Record Search, Data Transformation and the Java Access Bridge

DNS Record Search, Data Transformation and the Java Access Bridge

Three new Power Automate connectors offer interesting possibilities for automation of your Java apps, doing those data transformation tasks that you wish you could do in the Power Platform but haven’t been able to, and digging deeper into DNS records. We checked them out for you.

IA-Connect Java connector icon
IA-Connect Java

This connector from Ultima exposes the Java Access Bridge through Power Automate, allowing you to automate Java applications in a far more reliable way than Power Automate desktop. Not surprisingly, like the seven others for IA-Connect that landed last week, it’s simply LOADED with useful actions…53 of them to be exact!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Impressive debut. Five stars.

Integration Toolbox connector icon
Integration Toolbox

The Integration Toolbox connector helps transform data into different formats. It fills holes in the Power Platform but at rather steep monthly charge. It’s a helpful connector when necessary in your flows, but it feels like there must be cheaper ways to accomplish what this collection of utilities does.

Its actions include:

  • Compress data using GZip, Brotli, or Deflate
  • Decompress data compressed with Gzip, Brotli, or Deflate
  • Convert from one encoding to another
  • Convert fixed width text to JSON
  • Convert CSV to JSON
  • Sort JSON
  • Encrypt data with PGP
  • Generate a PGP public and private key
  • Decrypt data encrypted with PGP

Rating: 4 out of 5.

With pricing starting at $35/month, this is an ultra-premium connector for the value it gives the user. Four stars.

Farsight DNSDB connector icon
Farsight DNSDB

Farsight DNSDB is used to search for DNS records using glob or regex.

What’s a DNS record? Glad you asked! A Domain Name System (DNS) record takes a human-friendly name, like myonlinestore.com, and translates it to an IP address.

This connector’s actions include:

  • Flexible search ~ expands the types of search queries and adds more control to searches of the DNSDB API
  • Ping ~ end to end connectivity tests to the DNSDB API endpoint, confirms that are no firewall blockages
  • RData lookup or RData lookup with RRType ~ queries DNSDB’s Rdata index, which supports inverse lookups based on Rdata record values.
  • RRSet lookup,  RRSet Lookup with RRType, or RRSet lookup with RRType and Bailiwick  ~ queries DNSDB’s RRset index, which supports forward lookups based on the owner name of an RRset.
  • Retrieve service limits

Rating: 4 out of 5.

While you can also fetch details about any DNS record with this plugin, its primary use is to lookup DNS records inside the DNSDB. Four stars.

The addition of these new Power Automate connectors have increased the total available to 551!

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