Take the Lead with these new Power Automate Connectors

Take the Lead with these new Power Automate Connectors

It’s a big day for Fortellis with its release of three new Elead connectors which should excite automotive industry professionals. In addition, a sister to Formstack Documents, the new Formstack Forms connector can help streamline your custom form building needs.

Let’s break them down starting with the Elead Power Automate connectors for product reference, sales customers, and sales leads that provide a list of available actions. To use any of them, you’ll need to be a Fortellis user and you’ll need to create a solution in Fortellis to generate a client ID and secret to be used while calling the APIs. We’ll rate these as a group.

Elead Product Reference Data

Designed to be used in conjunction with other eLeads APIs, its API searches can retrieve:

  •  the available vehicle class types, models by year and make, available vehicle years, makes by year and vehicle class, or vehicle trims by year, make, and model
  • from a specified company the: employees and position, positions, the “from” email addresses, the sales steps, opportunity sources and up types, or the opportunity sub-sources for the specified source and up types
Elead Sales Customers

Automotive industry lead tracking. This API allows for the management of prospect/customer information inside the Elead CRM. Capabilities include the ability to create prospect/customer information such as name, phone number, email and physical addresses and return the uniquely-assigned Elead ID on post. Ability to update, search and retrieve prospect/customer contact information tied to an existing Elead ID.

Elead Sales Opportunities

Elead Sales Opportunities API searches for and retrieves existing sales opportunity information in the Elead CRM. With it you can create a new opportunity, or for a specified opportunity:

  • Add a salesperson, reassign or remove that salesperson, or reassign the primary bdc agent
  • Add a comment
  • Add a trade-in
  • Add a vehicle sought

In addition, it’s capable of retrieving sales opportunities by date range, by the provided date/time (within the past 7 days), removing the specified trade-in or specified vehicle sought, or send an email and creates the corresponding activity.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars for the collection of these three connectors. Look forward to added triggers in future iterations.

Formstack Forms

This new companion to Formstack Documents, Formstack Forms lets users build custom forms. This Power Automate connector has one action that gets all available forms and a single trigger when a form is submitted. A Formstack Forms plan is required to use this connector.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three stars.

We’ve been keeping score. There are now 462 Power Automate connectors to choose from! For your next project, check out some of the many options we’ve covered or one we’re particularly proud of. Ready to get started? Call Reenhanced at 215-804-9408.

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