Connectors Highlight Merchandising, App Development and Custom SVG Image Creation

Connectors Highlight Merchandising, App Development and Custom SVG Image Creation

The delivery of 35 Power Automate connectors to kick off 2022 left my head swimming with possibilities and I can’t wait to find out how you use them! The final three in our recent coverage of these new connectors span several categories: commerce merchandising, app development and images. Let’s look!

Dynamics 365 Commerce Merchandising connector icon
Dynamics 365 Commerce Merchandising

If you are using this e-commerce system, you might consider the Dynamics 365 Commerce Merchandising connector to search and browse product-related information like the category, channel, and catalog information with its actions. It connects to the Cloud Scale Unit (CSU), which is a fancy way of saying “your e-commerce system’s public-facing API that presents data to external users.”

Actions here include:

  • Get catalogs, categories or channels.
  • Get the dimension values with inventory availability for a product.
  • Get the environment configuration.
  • Get image locations, attributes of, inventory in stores, or recommendations of a product.
  • Get product variant search by dimensions.
  • Product search by IDs, or by keyword and category.
  • Perform a health check of the retail server.

You might possibly find that this connector is a little more useful when paired alongside the Dynamics 365 Commerce Ratings and Reviews connector which we covered previously when it became available.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Two stars

The following two additions to the ever-growing collection of Power Automate connectors come from none other than Troy Taylor, a prolific creator in this sector.

independent publisher Quickbase connector icon

If you currently use Quickbase, you may want to invest a little time to get to know this connector. It works with this application development platform which itself enables input from users on both tech and the non-tech side across a common platform. This new, independently published, Quickbase connector can better streamline innovation in your business with its robust list of possible actions.

These include:

  • Create, copy, update, or delete an app
  • Create, update, or delete a field within a table
  • Insert and/or update record(s), or delete record(s) in a table
  • Create, update, or delete a relationship in a table
  • Create, or delete a table in an application
  • Clone the authenticated user token with auto association to all apps associated with the new token
  • Deactivate or delete a user token
  • Download an attachment (file attachment content encoded in base64 format)
  • Delete an attachment
  • Run a formula 
  • Run a report
  • Get a report
  • Get all table reports, a table, an app, app events, a relationship
  • Get a field or field usage stats
  • Get a temporary authorization token, scoped to either an app or a table. (Token expires in 5 minutes.)
  • Get a list of all relationships and their definitions for a specific table.
  • Get the properties for all fields in a specific table.
  • Get a list of all the tables that exist in a specific application.
  • Get all the field usage statistics for a table.
  • Query for data 

You will probably want to review the specific details in Microsoft’s documentation as you begin.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars

independent publisher connector icon

With its two actions, the connector works with the service to create custom SVG images or to retrieve a pre-configured image that you can embed into any HTML area of other actions. This connector too, is independently published.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three stars

What’s in the pipeline for more new connectors? We’re proud to give you previews of all of the latest ones as they come to delivery and assist you in finding the right ones for your business. Get in touch before you start your next project.

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