Artificial Intelligence Meets Power Automate

Artificial Intelligence Meets Power Automate

Enjoying trying out new things in your flows and excited by the ease of use of low-code that Power Automate connectors can provide?

A new connector, Eden AI, lets you take this idea one step further to tap into the power of artificial intelligence. This connector has the potential to make your flows significantly more productive and its full documentation should warm the cockles of your beating, nerdy heart. It’s formidable list of actions have great implications for a wide variety of professions including human resource managers, government agents, educators, sales managers and many more.

This Power Automate connector can automate data extraction from invoices, receipts, identity documents, and resumes. For use in chats, it can convert normal language text into speech, generate human-like responses to various inputs and queries in a chat, and generate compelling images or text based on a given prompt.

When dealing with contacts on a global level, you may find it helpful to use its other various actions that can:

  • identify specific linguistic features that are unique to each language,  
  • translate a text into another language,
  • identify the sentiment which in turn categorizes as positive, negative or neutral,
  • moderate a text by detecting explicit content, or
  • extract general topics, named entities (classified into predefined categories), or keywords.

The Eden AI connector goes even further. If content needs protection or moderation that keeps users safe, it also has the capability to identify human faces in digital images, anonymize specific images by blurring sensitive parts such as faces, license plates, etc., or even detect adult explicit content in images considered generally inappropriate minors.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Eden AI gets four stars!

With well over 1000 Power Automate connectors from which to choose, I think the possible use cases that combine artificial intelligence and this connector are really exciting! We’re happy to hear about how you plan to use this connector. What will you do with it?

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