Announcing Gravity Forms Power Automate Professional

Announcing Gravity Forms Power Automate Professional

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest product, Gravity Forms Power Automate Professional. This premium add-on for Gravity Forms is designed to revolutionize the way you integrate your forms with over 1000 Microsoft-certified services through Power Automate.

Unleash Unlimited Potential!

With Gravity Forms Power Automate Professional, you can update and create form entries on your existing WordPress website. You build powerful portals, send and receive payment on invoices, build a document signing solution or more using the WordPress team you already have. And the best part? You can achieve all this without writing a single line of code.

There is no new platform to learn. No overly complicated steps to follow. No specialized training to complete. You are going to be amazed at how easy it is to transform your existing website.

Secure by Design.

Gravity Forms Power Automate Professional doesn’t have a direct connection to your backend systems. If your WordPress website were to get compromised, an attacker is stopped dead in their tracks. They can get no more information from your systems than what is defined in your flows. There’s no Azure application living in your WordPress configuration. There is no pathway outside of what you already expect the website to have.

Easy Installation. Simple configuration.

Getting started is simple. Purchase and install the WordPress plugin, then set up a connection inside Power Automate. There are no feeds to configure. All of your forms are instantly available in Power Automate.

Gravity Forms Power Automate Professional vs. Standard Version

While the standard version of our Gravity Forms Power Automate plugin is still a powerful tool, the professional version takes it to the next level. The professional version offers enhanced security and the ability to read, create, or update form entries. Additional triggers allow full synchronization of entries with remote systems like Dataverse, Dynamics 365, or SharePoint.

The professional version also supports Gravity PDF, allowing you to generate PDFs from form entries to save on SharePoint, Azure Blob Storage, or any other service. With support for Gravity View, you can build WordPress powered portals with content unique to each visitor.

GravityView brings your Gravity Forms data to the frontend!

Available Today

The Gravity Forms Power Automate Professional plugin is available today!

Purchase here

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