Reenhanced at User Group Summit

Reenhanced at User Group Summit

Reenhanced is thrilled to be speaking at thee events at the upcoming User Group Summit. If you will be at User Group Summit, be sure to stop by one of our sessions!

10 User Adoption & Training Best Practices You Can Implement Today

Organizations of all shapes and sizes struggle with user adoption. All too often, new CRM technology is rolled out only to find that employees aren’t using it. They feel like it’s just another management tool. Join this session to learn best practices, tips and real-life examples of how organizations like yours have overcome the same struggles you are facing. This session will cover configuration, end user and training best practices and tips. “They need to learn how to use this to do their job. They will figure it out.” – Management Don’t let that be you! Come to this session and learn how to increase adoption at your organization. We will have time at the end for an interactive Q&A. Please feel free to share what has worked at your organization or ask questions to learn what your organization may be able to do better.

Join us for a workshop-type session where you can build a model-driven app in Dynamics 365 using out-of-the-box configuration. We will review components of a model-driven app, how to work with the App Designer, use the artifacts and entity assets to build your App and limit access using your organization’s security model. Then, we will be hands-on: bring your tablets or laptops and follow along. If you have appropriate permissions in your organization, I welcome you to build an App today as part of our session (in your Sandbox environment, of course!). Model-driven apps, when designed properly have the ability to streamline the user experience and simplify their journey in Dynamics 365. I will also point out limitations when accessing CRM data via an App versus the full web experience. When you leave this session, you will be equipped with the tools to build Apps for your organization (and/or possibly your first App built in the session!), including an understanding of best practices around App design.

You did it! After months of hard work, your Dynamics implementation is officially live. Users have licenses and have been trained. You are starting to see data flowing through the system. It’s a fairy tale ending! Or is it? Within weeks you start to hear users asking things such as “Hey, this is great, can we have a field over here for this?”, or “wait, I don’t remember how to do XYZ, can you remind me?” (or, worse yet, “do it for me?”), or “hey, I was listening to this podcast and they talked about this great product that does email marketing, let’s add that in tomorrow!”. The list goes on. Join this session to explore how to shift gears from project implementation to project maintenance and ensure your organization continues to push the envelope of organizational efficiency.

Heidi Neuhauser
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Heidi is Director of CRM Projects at Reenhanced. With more than a decade of experience in CRM, she has a wide variety of industry and product knowledge working with organizations of all sizes (from small non-profit organizations to Fortune 100 companies) to implement and rescue CRM and train end users. Heidi is a Microsoft Certified Professional with numerous Microsoft CRM Certificates and a CRMUG All-Star.
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