New Connectors In Power Automate: Azure VM, Azure App Service, CivicPlus, and RiskIQ

New Connectors In Power Automate: Azure VM, Azure App Service, CivicPlus, and RiskIQ

Automatically Start your Web Apps and Virtual Machines, Connect your Forms and Expand your Security Data

Connectors galore, WOW! Power Apps connector creators were on a tear this past weekend with the release of four new connectors. There are now more than 350 Power Automate connectors.

Azure App Service adds new connectors for Power Automate
Azure App Service

Subscribers to the Azure App Service may want to check out the new Azure App Service and Azure VM connectors.

The Azure App Service connector lets you manage the app services and server farms hosted there with its ability to start, stop, and restart web apps.

Azure adds new connectors for Power Automate
Azure VM

We at Reenhanced thought of a couple possible uses, and we’re betting there are lots more you’ll think of for your business. We envision that you could use an external event to trigger the start of a web app, or save costs by running apps only when people are working using a time-based trigger that schedules web app availability.

The Azure VM connector allows you to manage virtual machines (VMs) to start, stop, restart, redeploy, or deallocate a VM image. With it, you could start or restart a VM automatically based on a schedule or specific external event, and again save costs by building a flow that will automatically deallocate a VM when resources are done. This ought to please your boss, board, and shareholders too.

What about forms connectors?

CivicPlus Transform adds a new connector for Power Automate
CivicPlus Transform

Another connector among the new releases will serve as a handy tool for people who work in local government or similarly structured organizations. CivicPlus Transform automates the connection of forms data to the Power Platform. The connector simply retrieves the specific form submission and also has a trigger for when a form submission happens, making it easy to power intelligent business processes using CivicPlus forms.

Did someone call for security?

Rounding out the four new Power Automate connector selections is RiskIQ.

RiskIQ adds a new connector for Power Automate

This connector, used to identify and verify site security, ties your security infrastructure to the Power Automate platform. You can use this as a part of a flow to analyze URLs, SSL Certificates, DNS and WHOIS records. We think this offers you interesting possibilities for expanding your data, like the ability to find a domain associated with a phone number, or to analyze URL information for use in other actions. You can, for example, turn a long URL like into the base hostname, which can be useful in flows where you want to populate or match website data.

Any way you use these connectors have the potential to make your work more efficient. Contact your team at Reenhanced for more information.

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