Document Signing Power Automate connector Dokobit Portal Debuts

Document Signing Power Automate connector Dokobit Portal Debuts
Dokobit Portal

Dokobit Portal connector joins the ranks of 12 other available document signing connectors in Power Automate and offers nine possible actions.

In addition to document signing, you can creatively automate your flow to allow any combination of: sharing, downloading or deleting documents, removing and replacing signers, or getting the details about signers or signature information.

Specific actions:

  • Create a PDF for signing
  • Give individual(s) document access for the signing role
  • Seal document with your organization’s e-seal
  • Delete document from owners account and participants who haven’t signed yet,
  • Delete document from the owner’s account but remain accessible to other participants
  • Get list of all documents available to account owner
  • Download signed document
  • Check signing status

According to its own website, Dokobit Portal supports the variety of eIDs used in Europe, including: Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Icelandic, Polish, Finnish, Belgian, Portuguese and Spanish eID providers. And it provides the ability to sign documents and authenticate users with national ID card, Mobile ID, Smart-ID, or Estonian e-Residency.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Late to the 2020 table of new document signing connectors, Dokobit offers another option though it lacks triggers that might improve upon its usability. Three stars.

If you are a Power Automate user who regularly uses any document signing connector, we’d love to hear how its making your life easier and which actions and triggers you appreciate most. At Reenhanced, we can help you find the right connectors for your project. Contact us with questions.

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