Boom! New Power Automate Connectors: COSMO Bot and SMS77io

Boom! New Power Automate Connectors: COSMO Bot and SMS77io

The two newest connectors for Power Automate can either help boost your chatBOT capabilities, or up your SMS game. I’ll give you an overview of these two and you can choose what works best for you! So, let’s jump right in.


COSMO Bot connector for Power Automate can increase your productivity by allowing you to extend chat bot functionality and integrate to other systems when you are repeatedly asked the same questions and need to provide uniform answers.

Available actions include:

  • Get all question-answer sets
  • Get a topic or all topics
  • Get experts for a topic
  • Get open tickets

You can add a new question-answer set or topic to a connected instance, or add an expert to the provided topic. If needed, you’ll have the option to edit or delete a question-answer set from a connected instance, remove an expert from a given topic, or rename an existing topic (either of which can be valuable tools.)

When you need the ability to open a new ticket for either question or feedback, or simply to close a ticket, there are actions available for those as well.

Additional chatbot actions include:

  • Ask COSMO Bot a question (searches knowledgebase and returns best match and score.
  • Convert COSMO Bot script, which runs it through COSMO Bot Script parser.
  • A Markdown-friendly translation of given text while “respecting the COSMO Bot dialect Markdown syntax.”
  • Create a new shadow copy of a question-answer set specified by the short description, which when used, is deleted when the answer is updated. (See triggers below.*)

Triggers can occur when a new question-answer set is created, or modified. When using this trigger, the creators recommend that you always call the “Create a new shadow copy of a question-answer set” action. Other triggers can occur when a user asks a question, or when a ticket is created or resolved, or its topic is updated.

Use Cases

Helpful for intra company communications via a chatbot, COSMO Bot has the potential to reduce repetitive Q&A tasks so that employees can become more productive by not having to reply to the same questions over and over again.

For example, your HR staff may need to field the same questions time and time again related to paid time off or holidays even when there’s a company manual that contains the information (which, anecdotal evidence suggests, are never read.) One example would be: How are paid time off days accumulated? Well, there’s one answer to that question in your company and its a formula based on days or hours worked. By setting up the question-answer set with this information in chatbot form, and connecting it to your staff, it can be a big time-saver.

Similarly, your customers might want to know the proper contact person for their specific need, or want the ability to access certain documents such as parts or service manuals, material safety data sheets or other frequently requested information.

To use this connector you need to have administrative access to a COSMO Bot Instance.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is the first chat bot connector for Power Automate, so I’ll call it four stars. Plus, this bot gets a cool point for the logo. Gotta love that little bot.

SMS77io connector provides the ability to send SMS or text2voice messages, perform home register lookups, mobile number portability status lookups, and phone number formats.

With seven possible actions, you can:

  • Validate a given phone number for the use of voice API
  • Send a text2voice message to a given recipient number
  • Send one or multiple SMS messages to one or multiple recipients
  • Get the dispatch status for a given SMS ID
  • Get pricing information for a single country or all
  • Get the account balance for a given API key


  • Get: the calling name presentation which is the most often displayed info in the Caller ID (CNAM), the mobile number portability (MNP) which allows users to retain their mobile numbers when changing from one mobile network carrier to another, or the home location register (HLR) generally understood as a database that contains info about all of the mobile subscribers of a network such as the mobile numbers, services provided, whether the numbers have been ported to another, etcetera, or number format info.

This connector adds yet another possibility for SMS in Power Automate to the growing field of 22 and makes now a total of 433 connectors overall.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This connector looks fairly robust in scope despite its few actions. It’ll be interesting to see if it grows to add a trigger or two in future iterations. Three stars!

How can we help you?

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