Dynamics file download fix now available for Microsoft Edge!

Dynamics file download fix now available for Microsoft Edge!
Statistics showing the growth of our Chrome extension
Our Dynamics CRM File Download Fix extension is very popular on the Chrome Extensions store

Over 22,000 on-premises Dynamics users around the world have been enjoying our Chrome extension that resolves one of the most annoying bugs in Dynamics. When downloading files, for some reason, Dynamics presents the file to the user with apostrophes at the beginning and end of the file names.

Users who experience this bug find it painful to have to train users how to change a filename extension before opening the downloaded files. For example, Sally from accounting wants to download a report on Closed Opportunities and Dynamics saves the file to her computer with a name like:

'Closed Opportunity.xls'

Sally’s computer doesn’t know what type of a file a .xls’ is so instead of opening Excel, it presents a window that makes Sally reach out to IT. Everyone is frustrated, especially Sally.

We built our extension to solve this problem. All it does is watch for files with a name that starts and ends with and removes those characters. It’s wickedly simple but boy does it save support time and headaches across organizations around the world!

Now available for Microsoft Edge!

Our popular plugin is now available for Microsoft Edge! Use the button below to visit the Edge add-on store and begin your rollout today. There are no notable differences between the two.

BONUS! Our popular Chrome extension has a new version released today!
Version 1.1 contains a fix that resolves an issue where some downloads on non-Dynamics sites were saved with the wrong file type. Roll out this new version to your users today and you’ll never see another question about file downloads!
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