New in Power Automate: Cloudmersive PDF & DBF2XML

New in Power Automate: Cloudmersive PDF & DBF2XML
Cloudmersive PDF offers a new Power Automate connector!

Today for the first time, Cloudmersive PDF and DBF2XML were added as a Power Automate connectors, bringing the total number of Power Automate connectors to 333.

Cloudmersive PDF allows you to effortlessly create, convert, process, edit, work with, encrypt, and sign PDF files. This premium connector has actions you can use within your Power Automate query.

DBF2XML is simple and has one function: to convert DBF files to XML. This is a premium connector available in all regions except US Government (GCC) and US Government (GCC High).

What is Cloudmersive PDF?

The Cloudmersive PDF connector has a number of interesting actions available to use in Power Automate:

Add text watermark to a PDF
Add one or more PDF annotations, comments in the PDF document
Decrypt & password-protect a PDF
Encrypt, password-protect and set restricted permissions on a PDF
Get PDF annotations, including comments in the document
Get text in a PDF document by page
Insert, copy pages from one PDF document into another
Remove, delete pages from a PDF document
Rotate pages in a PDF document
Get and set PDF document metadata

Cloudmersive already has 4 existing connectors for Power Automate. The PDF connector joins the rest of the Cloudmersive family in Power Automate: Data Validation, Document Conversion, Image Processing and Virus Scan.

At Reenhanced, we’re excited to see what organizations can accomplish using this connector in Power Automate in conjunction with other applications.

What is DBF2XML?

DBF2XML is a premium connector with a simple mission and service: to convert a dbf format to another. The connector provides one action: to convert DBF to XML.

Need Help?

Do you need help implementing an integration with Cloudmersive PDF or DBF2XML and Power Automate? We can help. Click the button below to contact one of our friendly automation specialists.

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