New Connectors in Power Automate: CPQSync, IN-D KYC India, Motimate & Pure Leads

New Connectors in Power Automate: CPQSync, IN-D KYC India, Motimate & Pure Leads

What a big day in Power Automate Connectors! We haven’t seen any new connectors released in several weeks, so we were really excited to see not one, but four new connectors! Without further ado, let’s dive into the four new connectors: CPQSync, IN-D KYC India, Motimate and Pure Leads.


Full disclosure: we met the fine folks at CPQSync at User Group Summit in 2019 and I am currently wearing their t-shirt. We are pretty excited to see this new connector hit Power Automate.

CPQSync is a cloud-based Configure, Price, Quote product offered by Cincom. Their new Power Automate connector has two actions and two triggers:


  • Add product
  • Update product


  • Product created
  • Product updated

This is an interesting start to the connector, but we suspect to see new actions and triggers as this connector matures. Stay tuned, we anticipate new options added here! But wow, what a really interesting use case for Power Automate. Already integrated with Dynamics 365, this extends the reach of CPQ beyond CRM and allows you to incorporate it in other applications. Ah the use cases we can imagine!

This is the first CPQ connector we have seen enter the Power Automate space. We can only wonder, will others follow Cincom’s lead?

We're excited about the potential here and give this one 5 stars!
We’re excited about the potential here and give this one 5 stars!
IN-D KYC India

IND- KYC provides a way to classify Indian ID documents and extract useful attributes leveraging the power of AI with the ultimate goal of helping you vet your customers and ensure fraud-proof, trustworthy documents.

In the connector’s Microsoft documentation, it describes how the “IN-D KYC India Connector helps users to classify all Indian ID documents such as Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, Driving License etc., and extracts the useful attributes from the documents smartly. This adds more intelligence to your KYC flow or wherever you need build trust such as client onboarding, employee onboarding, and onboarding of different parties in a Shared Economy.”

This one comes with two actions:

  • ID Document Classification
  • ID Document Classification & Extraction

We like when connectors have a specific niche to serve. This connector is small, focused but clear.

Four stars! Only because of the super limited scope.
Four stars! Only because of the super limited scope.

Based in Scandinavia, Motimate is focused on mobile-based employee training. Their website lists 160 companies and organizations currently using Motimate for their internal mobile training. Their new connector has 17 actions:

  • User actions: 5 actions including update, get, delete and create options
  • POST token
  • Position actions: 4 actions including update, get and create options
  • Group options: 5 actions including update, get, delete and create options
  • GET me
  • DELETE positions

We can see how you could use this connector to help automate employee onboarding by hooking into the flow when someone new comes in to the office. We’re hoping to see future improvements, perhaps the addition of some triggers as well. Motimate is one of few Power Automate connectors focused on internal training so it fits a hole in the suite of connectors currently available.

Three stars for this connector.
Three stars for this connector.
Pure Leads

Pure Leads, which hasn’t launched yet, claims to give you the ability to capture, track, distribute and manage your leads. Now, as a Microsoft partner, we’d prefer Dynamics 365, CDS or Power Platform to manage your leads. However, if you have a very simple sales cycle and Microsoft’s products are too complicated for you, perhaps this bridges a lead gap in a way that might fit your business model more appropriately.

The connector is extremely simple, with one action and one trigger:

  • Action: New Lead Submission
  • Trigger: New Lead Submission

Since this is a new company, the jury is still out! There aren’t any customers yet of this product, so we’ll stay tuned and reserve our rating until it goes live!

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