IN-D Insurance and Panviva Connectors Drop

IN-D Insurance and Panviva Connectors Drop

Medical coding experts and knowledge management gurus got a boost today with the two newest Power Automate connectors. Let’s dig right in and see what they can offer.

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IN-D Insurance

From IN-D, makers of IN-D KYC India and IN-D Payables Power Automate connectors, comes IN-D Insurance. This new connector extracts information from an uploaded medical Discharge Summary document and does the ICD-10 coding. To use it, you’ll need an API key to access the connector which you can get from IN-D One portal.

I’ll presume that just because you’re ready to work on a project for the medical community might not necessarily mean you know what every acronym, like “ICD-10” means. I didn’t. I had to look it up. (If you read here often, you might notice that I occasionally spell out specific terminology followed by its acronym in parentheses. That’s a clue for you that I wasn’t 100 percent sure either (a) what the acronym stands for or (b) its definition, but that’ll be our little secret.)

According to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, “The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is designed to promote international comparability in the collection, processing, classification, and presentation of mortality statistics.” Given the pandemic, this connector might be quite useful for agencies charged with tracking and reporting mortality stats.

Small in size, this connector has three powerful actions:

  • AutoCode ICD-10 coding when given the disease name as the input
  • AutoCode ICD-10 by understanding the disease from a Discharge Summary document without the need to preset any templates
  • Highlights the disease and other medical terms from an uploaded Discharge Summary document

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Narrowly focused to a very specific niche, but powerful in its actions. Four stars.

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Panviva’s Power Automate connector for knowledge management lets you use your Panviva documents to create contextual snippets of information that they call “knowledge nuggets” to answer questions across your interactive voice response (IVR), chat bot and self-service portals. As you might infer, you’ll need: access to a Panviva tenant, a developer account, and an active API Panviva plan with valid credentials in order to use this connector.

Connector actions include:

  • Get an artefact or container using the provided ID
  • Create an artefact category
  • Return search results for a given query
  • Return a file (external document), a document or an image (base64 string)
  • Return a list of all document containers or translations, a list of the parent-child relationships between each container for the provided document ID, or a list of all available artefact categories
  • Get information about a Panviva folder and references to each of its direct children
  • Get all the immediate children of a Panviva folder
  • Get the root/home folder in all of Panviva
  • Get all the translations of a Panviva folder along with each translated folder’s respective children
  • Present a CSH search result page of the passing query on Panviva client, a document page, or a search result page of the passing query on Panviva client to specified user on Panviva client
  • Search for documents, folders, and files (external documents) for a term and get paginated results

Managing your knowledge base in order to let your users get consistent answers to questions across varied channels of delivered information can be made much easier with automation. It looks like they’ve thought of many of these different scenarios.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For current or new Panviva users, this connector is a solid step in that direction. Four stars.

Whether it’s knowledge management or ICD-10 coding you’re working on, we’ll help you find the right connector for your project. There are 438 Power Automate connectors to choose from! Tell us what you need.

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