Huddo Boards and Showcase Workshop Deliver

Huddo Boards and Showcase Workshop Deliver

Task Management and Sales/Marketing professionals should size up these two new connectors for Power Automate.

Huddo Boards connector icon
Huddo Boards

I’m excited about the new Power Automate connector from Huddo Boards. It gives groups the ability to collaborate as they manage tasks.

It’s not the first connector we’ve seen that handles task management. In fact, there are 17 others! What caught my eye is the users ability to view tasks in multiple ways. I’m a big believer in the effectiveness of Mind Maps. Every time I create one or am part of a group that creates one, I’m always surprised at the brain’s ability to extrapolate what we already know but haven’t been able to easily express. Every. Single. Time!

Huddo Board’s cool factor for me is in its ability to provide tasks in text, KanBan, MindMap or timeline forms. It’s full of actions and triggers for use in sales tracking, project management, customer support, human resource on-boarding or whatever other projects you and your team are working on.

Actions include:

  • Create a board, card, list, or comment
  • Get a board by ID or cards in a board
  • Get a card details or members of a board
  • Get or children of (or comments from) a board, list or card
  • Get boards that I am a member of
  • Get my profile
  • Find a user
  • Search for a board
  • Assign a member to a task
  • Find a task assigned to you by its name
  • Mark a task as either incomplete or complete
  • Change the start, end or due dates on a card or board

This connector triggers when a board is added. And it triggers when a new card is added to or a task is completed in a board, and when you get assigned a task or complete one. You’ll need a Huddo Boards account to get started.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars!

Showcase Workshop connector icon
Showcase Workshop

For exhibiting your work, Showcase Workshop connector has three triggers that each create a webhook:

  • When a shared content page is viewed
  • When a shared email is sent
  • When a shared file via email is downloaded

To use it, you will need a Showcase Workshop Admin account, and a Microsoft Power Apps or Power Automate plan. For all of the hype on its website, I couldn’t really tell what makes this connector stand out. More importantly, the only indication of what the app is like is written out in text form. You can try it for free, but I’m inclined to want to see a quick video or a few screenshots that show me how I can use it in the real world before I dive in.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Two stars!


Business Central connector icon
Business Central

Let’s not forget about the Business Central connector! If you’re using it, you might want to revisit it right away. It just got a Version 3 update to its many actions and triggers. And if you haven’t tried it yet, today is your day.

We love checking out the newest Power Automate connectors and keeping tabs on the latest updates. If you have a use case that makes you geek out that you want to share with others, let us know!

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