What’s a Few Power Automate Connectors Among Friends?

What’s a Few Power Automate Connectors Among Friends?

We are friends right? I mean you’re here where I’ve highlighted NFTs and LEGOs!

What an amazing couple of weeks its been. So many new Power Automate connectors have been delivered, it’s hard to keep up! Today’s are lighter in terms of general business use, whether you choose to build your business using NFTs or LEGOs but if these fit your niche…

NFTs MintNFT connector icon

MintNFT drawn from NFTPort describes itself as “Stripe for NFTs.” The scalable API has a single action: mint a Non-Fungible Token using the image URL. I provided a synopsis of NFTs in my review when the Rarible connector was added to the Power Automate universe last April in case you haven’t yet encountered them.

Despite this connector’s basic start by comparison for creating and trading, one would be wise to watch creator-student Shreyan J.D. Fernandez in this sphere, especially with the rise in popularity of NFTs.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

One star

Rebrickable for LEGOs connector icon

The Rebrickable connector is built with obvious deeper thought into what it takes to build with LEGOs. Yup, you read it right, LEGOs. There are several possible use cases I can see here.

(1) If one of your company perks includes a game room with a LEGO building table and some co-workers have absconded, mistaking various pieces for midnight snacks,

(2) if you run a chain of child care centers where LEGO is part of the landscape, or

(3) if you are a government recruiter tasked with finding young puzzle solvers, this connector could be what you need.

Rather than adding to the plastic island that floats in the Pacific Ocean, the app helps you find which LEGO sets you can build from the sets and parts you already own. Because each Management of Change (MOC) in Rebrickable has a list of parts and building instructions, you can use this connector’s slew of actions to dig for whatever you need.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Two stars

While neither of these are likely to turn the business world on its head yet, they do add to the formidable and growing arena of Power Automate connectors which now number 869! Contact us to get started with your flow.

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